Strange Matter

I was going to start off this blog with some kind of lofty posturing about the nature of art and the internet and their effect on each other, but nobody wants to read that and I'd most likely be talking out of my ass anyway. So instead, I'll jump right into it by introducing my latest project, Strange Matter. Kneecap and Cyborg

This film started out as my college thesis film and then completely snowballed into a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic adventure about the end of the universe, the people caught up in it, and the corporation trying to control it. It's a mash-up of live action and animation that jumps through every visual style I could manage, and plays against a soundtrack alternating between the orchestral and the heavy metal.


The main inspiration behind Strange Matter was my love for pre-CGI science fiction movies of the 80's. By shooting on grainy 16mm film, using sets built on a shoestring budget, miniatures and stop-motion for special effects shots, and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, I wanted to recreate the hand-crafted feel of these old movies. There are several retro-futuristic computer sequences, scenes lit by fluorescent black lights, and more than enough cheesy action to drive this point home.


Onus, mid-collapse.

I started writing the project in early 2009, and we finished shooting the live-action segments later that summer. The cast and crew were then largely disbanded as work began on the bulk of the film's running time - animation. From here, the film sat mired in post-production as the many animated sequences slowly materialized. It wasn't until late May of 2011 that the film was finished.


We held a successful premiere on May 21st, reuniting a good selection of the original cast and crew for the first time since the live-action shoot. I'm now in the process of fine-tuning this beast, trying to trim the long running time down from 21 minutes to something more suitable for film festivals.


Check out the official website for more info, and watch the trailer below.


[vimeo w=601&h=338]