Vandal of Fortune is the 4th album from American guitarist and songwriter JT Bruce. It represents a return to a classic heavy metal sound blended with progressive rock sensibilities in a straight-ahead rock and roll experience. Featuring guest solos from 6 up-and-coming musicians, Vandal of Fortune is a must listen for any fans of melodic instrumental metal and progressive rock.

Released June 2015, Vandal of Fortune's length comes in at 65 minutes.


GUEST MUSICIANS (in order of appearance):

Mark Hawkins on 'Battle Trance' at 1:20

Chris Catharsis on 'The Second Decade' at 1:08

Adam Hudson on 'Diaspora' at 1:50, 3:43, and 5:28

Joe Kenyon IV on 'Null Disease' at 3:37 and 4:49

Jeremy Pringsheim on 'Stress Fracture' at 1:47

Joe Mendoza on 'Under Sodium Bulb' at 2:51