JT Bruce is an animator, artist, filmmaker, and musician with an eye for the bizarre and an ear for the unusual. He grew up in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California, playing electric guitar and making movies with friends. In 2004 he graduated high school and drove south to attend San Diego State University. The next five years were spent earning a degree in film production, recording progressive metal albums, animating like a madman, and partying like a champion.

After college, JT worked briefly as a graphic designer and nightlife videographer before landing a job as an animator at a film production studio. When that company tanked, he went vagabond for a few months before returning to the San Francisco Bay Area where he now works full time as a freelance animator and motion graphics artist.

Several years later, he's still trying to be a jack of all artistic trades and, hopefully, master of some. Online and off, his work has been shown on screens and played on stereos around the world.

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